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Skedda Overview

Skedda is an online booking and scheduling system. It's designed to make it easy for people to reserve spaces or resources. Think of it like an online calendar specifically for booking things like meeting rooms, sports facilities, or any space that people might need to use at different times. You can see what's available, pick a time, and book it right there on the internet. This is super handy for organizations or groups that have spaces they want to share or rent out efficiently.

More About Skedda

Online Booking System: Skedda allows people to book spaces and resources online. This means you can see what's available and reserve it without needing to call or visit in person.

Calendar View: It provides a calendar view, making it easy to see when spaces are free or booked. This helps in planning and avoids double bookings.

Customizable Spaces: Users can define different types of spaces or resources they have - like meeting rooms, tennis courts, or projectors - and set specific rules for each. For example, they can decide how far in advance a room can be booked or for how long.

Access Control: Skedda lets the managers of these spaces control who can book what. They can set it up so that only certain people can book certain resources, or they can make some spaces available to the public.

Automated Management: The system can handle cancellations, changes, and reminders automatically. This reduces the workload for the people managing the bookings.

Pros & Cons


Skedda is user-friendly, which means it's easy for both the managers of the space and the people booking it to use.

You can book from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

It automates a lot of tasks like scheduling, reminders, and changes, which can save a lot of time for everyone involved.

The system helps prevent two people from booking the same space at the same time, which can be a big problem with manual scheduling.

You can set different rules for different spaces, like who can book them and for how long, making it very flexible.

Since it works well on phones and tablets, you can make and check bookings on the go.


If you don’t have a good internet connection, you might have trouble accessing the system.

If you're running a small operation, the cost of the system might be a concern. 

With everything online, there’s less personal interaction, which could be a downside for those who prefer face-to-face communication.

Relying too much on technology can be a problem if there are glitches or if the system goes down.

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99 USD ($)

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Skedda Software Features

Multi-Location Online Booking Automated Processes Internal Meetings Real-Time Availability Third Party Booking Transparency Usage Analytics Utilization Reporting Calendar Management Booking Management Appointment Scheduling Automated Scheduling Employee Scheduling Real-time Scheduling Reports & Analytics Resource Scheduling Floor Plans & Maps Move Management Occupancy Management Planogramming Space Allocation Space Reservation Contract Management Reservations Management Resource Management Staff Management

Skedda Specification

Starting Price

99 USD ($)

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Flat Rate


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Monthly , Annually , Quote Based

Deployment Type

  • On Premises

Supported Platforms

  • Web-Based
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

Technical Support

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Phone

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  • Documentation
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