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knowt Overview

Knowt is an app that offers free AI flashcards, study tools, and summarization features for various subjects and exams, trusted by millions of students and teachers worldwide.

More About knowt

Key Features of Knowt:

  1. AI Flashcards: Users can create, import, and study flashcards for free. It offers features like learn mode, spaced repetition, and the ability to attach images to flashcards.
  2. Import from Quizlet: Knowt allows users to import Quizlet flashcard sets with a single click.
  3. Mobile App: There's a mobile app available for studying on the go.
  4. AI Summarization: Knowt offers AI-powered summarization for PDFs, PPTs, videos, and notes, helping users create study materials more efficiently.
  5. Subjects and Exams: Knowt covers a wide range of subjects and exams, with over 2 million resources available.

Benefits of Knowt:

  1. Offers free AI flashcards and study tools.
  2. Supports spaced repetition for effective learning.
  3. Allows importing Quizlet sets with a single click.
  4. Provides mobile app for on-the-go studying.
  5. Offers various study modes and tools for different learning preferences.

You can download the Knowt app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple App Store for iOS devices by searching for “Knowt - AI Flashcards & Notes”.

Pros & Cons


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